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Frequently asked questions...


Will it work for me?

Yes, absolutely! No matter who you are or how much you weigh right now, the Belly Burst is going to give you unbelievable results, just like it did for Katie and I. You're not going to believe how easy it is to shed pounds without changing your diet or exercise habits.


Is this a book I download?

Nope, there's nothing to download.
Instead, you'll receive online access to my entire exclusive Member's Area which contains everything you'll need. Plus, I'm
throwing in a completely FREE membership to my new very own low-fat recipe website!


How will I gain access?

You'll receive a unique username and password for accessing the Member's Area
so that you can begin using the Belly Burst immediately! There you'll find everything
you need to get started right away. So get ready to lose some serious weight!

1,000's of Satisfied Customers

So, just how effective is the Belly Burst?  Here's what a few of our recent customers have to say...

Unsolicited Testimonial

"Just wanted to let you know that I've lost 6 pounds in 1 week!"

from Amanda
Unsolicited Testimonial

"Exactly 1 month in and I'm down 31 pounds - I can't believe it"

from Ben
Unsolicited Testimonial

"I lost 7 pounds in my first week. And you're right, the Belly Burst is yummy, nice job!"

from Maria
Unsolicited Testimonial

"I was not sure but decided to try it anyway- Im so glad I did"

from Rajeesh
Unsolicited Testimonial

"...and I wanted to tell you Dave that I have lost 15 pounds so far"

from Buddy
Unsolicited Testimonial

"I wish I had discovered this years ago. You're kind of a mad genius for coming up with this"

from Nicole
Unsolicited Testimonial

"I can't even put into words how grateful I am for the Belly Burst, I have lost 20 pounds already in only 3 weeks"

from Beth
Unsolicited Testimonial

"it's so simple, how did i not think of this? but i'm glad someone did, thank you!"

from Jonathan
Unsolicited Testimonial

"My husband and I decided to try this together, just like you and your wife. Together we're down 47 pounds in less than a month..."

from Sharona
Unsolicited Testimonial

"You should be selling the Belly Burst in every health food store in the world. It's that good."

from Dean
Unsolicited Testimonial

"I love the BellyBurst so much and it works so well that I have 5 or 6 a day and the pounds keep melting off"

from Gloria
Unsolicited Testimonial

"Thanks to what you've created, I am no longer a type 2 diabetic. 56 pounds. That's how much you've helped me lose! Thank you!!!"

from Larry
Unsolicited Testimonial

"I never write testimonials but I had to make an exception for this because your program actually works..."

from Dean
Unsolicited Testimonial

"It's only been a week and jus weighed myself. I've lost 8 pounds, wow!"

from Tyrone
Unsolicited Testimonial

"I haven't changed a single thing whilst taking your Belly Burst and it's allowed me to shed 3 stone in 5 weeks. Simply amazing."

from Nigel
Unsolicited Testimonial

"Excellent work Dave. Not only does the Belly Burst taste good, but I'm living proof that it works. Down 60 pounds! My friends and family can't believe it!"

from Jerry
Unsolicited Testimonial

"Finally, a weight loss product that lives up to the hype..."

from Health News Today
Unsolicited Testimonial

"I haven't been this skinny in 10 years!!!!"

from Laura
Unsolicited Testimonial

"I'm on day 3 and I couldn't resist the urge to weigh myself. I've lost 4 pounds already!"

from Candice
Unsolicited Testimonial

"...and by the way, I love the recipes you created on your other site. I'm eating those while doing the Belly Burst and man am I getting fit haha!"

from Kenny
Unsolicited Testimonial

"I had to give you an update: I've now lost 47 pounds in 6 weeks and I'm down 3 sizes. I just had to go jeans shopping too!"

from Laura

Real Results.

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